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Welcome to QUICK and EASY, low cost ticketing solution!

Are you an event organizer?
Do you need to manage tickets?
Don't want to be ruined by overhead effort and costs?

Register with us and start selling your tickets online!

Quick and simple process with no registration fees.
Start issuing tickets within hours from now!

What you get

to solve your ticketing challenge


End-to-end ticketing solution
- sell your tickets online automatically
- or create them manually with admin interface
- see online sales statistics and reports

- modern multi language web site in a subdomain of your choice
- present yourself, your events and your performances
- see sample presentation at demo.nearyou.live

Multiple payment options
- accept all major credit cards
- PayPal payments
- SOFORT bank transfers

Mobile application
- for your guests to store their electronic tickets
- for you to scan them at the enterance
- no need for printed tickets and scan devices

How it works

details of the solution we offer



your domain and payment providers' accounts

- fill in our online registration form and choose your domain name - e.g.: yourclub.nearyou.live
- get free PayPal.com account in case you plan to accept PayPal as payment option
- get free Stripe.com account for all the other payment options (credit cards, SOFORT, etc.)

Configure your domain

preview and activate

- enter basic information about your business
- enter your PayPal and/or Stripe credentials
- load pictures for your slide show
- load pictures and enter details for your performances
- preview and activate your domain

Create your first event

and you are ready to start selling

- select dates, times, venue, categories and prices
- check and activate your first event
- let your guests know that your tickets are available at yourclub.nearyou.live

Monitor and manage your sales

using our admin interface

- see online summary of your sales and list of all the issued tickets
- you will get an email notification each time a ticket is sold
- tickets can be manualy created or adjusted

Receive your money

directly to your account

- credit card and SOFORT payments via Stripe.com are sent once a week to your bank account
- PayPal payments are immediately available in your PayPal account and you can transfer them by request to your bank account

Receive your guests

with a help of our free mobile app

- install our free mobile app to your phone or tablet and use it to:
- scan the QR code printed on the ticket (or presented on the guest's device)

How much it costs

you always know what you pay


- ZERO setup costs
- ZERO investment to scan devices
- flexible monthly tariffs for all levels of events frequency
- total costs (including the payment provider's cost) will be well below 5% of your revenue
- no extra costs when issuing free or cash paid tickets

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